Development Course

Jun 2008 - Founder Professor He Hangyu is a guest lecturer at Shanghai Huaxia United Gene Genetics.

Mar 2013 - Founder Professor He Hangyu participated in a technical discussion on DHEA with a renowned cell research institute in France.

Sep 2020 - Guangzhou Guanao Medical Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established.

Nov 2020 - AVENE ET FIL introduced the black gold premium anti-aging product line.

Dec 2020 - Professor He Hangyu joined the "China Plastic Surgery Association Cross-Strait Branch".

Sep 2021 - AVENE ET FIL established a subsidiary in Zhongshan, Guangdong.

Oct 2021 - AVENE ET FIL launched the second generation of four products, Moisturizing Skin Set,Side Firming Set,Anti-Aging Set,Black Mask Set.

Jan 2022 - AVENE ET FIL black gold series products received the China National Special Patent Certificate for the first time.

Jun 2022 - AVENE ET FIL released two products, exosome cell preservation solution and body sculpting cell preservation solution.

Jul 2022 - AVENE ET FIL won the national honor of "Top 10 Famous Brands in China";

Sep 2022 - AVENE ET FIL established a subsidiary in Wuzhou, Guangxi.

Oct 2022 - AVENE ET FIL established a subsidiary in Jiangmen, Guangdong.

Feb 2023 - Shanghai subsidiary was established.

Mar 2023 - AVENE ET FIL introduced the Pure Essence Deluxe Set products.

To date, AVENE ET FIL has over 60 subsidiaries and operation centers across the country, serving more than 10,000 customers, covering many cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau, Ganzhou, Foshan, Qingyuan, Lanzhou, Changzhou, Wuxi…

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